Terms and Conditions

    The general terms and conditions set forth below will apply to all sales of goods and services by VILA HOME DESIGN SRL, through the online store www.vilahomedesign.com to the buyer.
    Thus, the following terms are defined as follows:
  • goods and services : any product or service to be provided by the seller, the buyer;
  • order: electronic document by which the buyer requests the purchase of goods or services presented in the offer of the online store www.vilahomedesign.com;
  • Contract : the order confirmed by the seller (confirmation of an order can only be made by phone or electronically).
    By launching an order (electronically or by phone) through the online store www.vilahomedesign.com, the buyer agrees with the form of communication through which the seller carries out its operations (electronically or by phone).
    A command is composed of the following:
  • goods or services found in the offer of the above-mentioned online store;
  • clear indications of billing, delivery and other special particulars;
  • buyer specifications.

Launching an order (electronically or by phone) does not imply the confirmation of the order and the contract. The complete steps are as follows:

  • Registration of an order: an automatic unique number will be generated for each registered order.
  • taking an order by a salesperson, within the limit of the working hours displayed on the site in the Contact section;
  • the conclusion of the contract representing the moment of issuing fiscal invoices on durable support, the contracts concluded at the time of picking up the product from the Vila Home Design showroom, are not subject to O.G. 34/2014;
  • delivery of an order is made after the order confirmation and after the delivery details have been established by the salesperson or deliveries and by the buyer.

The messages sent automatically by the system do not confirm the existence of the product in stock, for the conclusion of the Sale-Purchase contract.
Orders are taken over / registered and only after the supplier’s confirmation regarding the availability of the product in stock, orders are accepted and honored.
Note: Orders that represent the execution of custom-made items may exceed the estimated delivery time, depending on their complexity.

    Prices and stock of products are updated from an interval of 24 hours to 5 days. Prices from orders and proformas are valid for 3 days from the date of their issuance.
    For products that are made on the basis of a special order, an advance payment of at 100% of the product value may be required.

If the prices or other details related to the products have been wrongly displayed (“derisory price”, art. 1665 para. 2 of the New Civil Code), including due to the fact that they were entered wrongly in the database, we allocate the right to CANCEL the orders containing these products and to notify the customers as soon as possible about the error occurred.

The stock of the products sold by the online store www.vilahomedesign.ro is mentioned as follows:

  • IN STOCK : the product is in physical stock (WITHIN THE LIMIT OF AVAILABLE STOCK) and can be picked up / delivered based on an online order, AFTER ORDER CONFIRMATION (Order acceptance). Orders of products with stock status will be honored in the chronological order in which they are registered in the database. All products displayed with stock status have a limited number of pieces. Updating stocks is done according to those mentioned above – consequently, situations may arise in which a product ordered with STOCK status becomes unavailable if it has been confirmed on a previous order.
  • NOT AVAILABLE: the product is no longer available either in The Villa Home Design stock or in the supplier’s stock. This information is displayed for products that have been in stock and are not brought until they disappear from all the offers of the suppliers with whom the vilahomedesign.com
  • Available for pre-order: our products are made to order according to customer needs, which makes the production time up to 20 working days depending on the quantity ordered and the complexity of the project.
    The payment of the products can be made on bank transfer, Netopia Payments (credit card) or PayPal. Protection you need, peace of mind you deserve. The millions of people who trust Netopia Payments or PayPal to send, spend, and manage their money quickly and securely. More info here.

The amounts paid through the online payment method, by PayPal , Netopia Payments (credit card) or bank transfer, will be automatically blocked on the client’s account, by the payment processor, and automatically directed to the bank account of the www.vilahomedesign.com, within approximately 72 hours. We would like to draw attention to the fact that this process is done automatically, without the intervention of any employee of the vilahomedesign.com. The order confirmation will be made after the verification and confirmation of the collection. If the orders cannot be honored, the return of the money will be made within a maximum of 5 working days from the communication to the client.

Interchange fee

For customers who pay with a business / professional / corporate card or issued in countries outside Romania, an interchange fee of 2% of the order amount will additionally be applied. The fee is instituted by Visa and Mastercard and levied according to the algorithm created by them. You can find out more details on the official Visa and Mastercard websites.
As we want to offer you competitive prices, we offer you the solution to pay with a payment order or cash, in which case this fee will not be charged. If you opt for online payment one of these types of cards (business.professional / corporate or issued by a bank outside Romania), the interchange fee will be added to the orders placed. If the fee will not be charged automatically, when placing the order, the vilahomedesign.com reserves the right to invoice, subsequently, this fee. If you do not want to pay this fee, we recommend the other payment options: “PO or Paypal.”
In case of returning / unlocking the amounts paid online (at the customer’s request or because of the inability to deliver the products), please contact the bank issuing the card because depending on the protocol you signed and concluded with the bank, although a representative vilahomedesign.ro request the return of the amount, the bank can unlock the value within a period of up to 30 days.

According to art. 8.5 of the contract agreed between the mobilpay.ro and the vilahomedesign.com, the operations paid by card must not be subject to a partial or total return by another means of payment. In case of cancellation of the order or its return by the buyer, the vilahomedesign.ro must use the functionalities provided by the software solution to cancel the operations. […] vilahomedesign.com undertakes to comply throughout the period of validity of this contract with all the instructions, processing procedures and technical security rules sent by the Bank during the configuration of the site or subsequently, communicated directly or through the Processor.

    The delivery of the products is made according to the data mentioned on this page https://vilahomedesign.com/refund-returns-policy/

Delivery times from the above-mentioned page apply from the moment of order confirmation, except for non-working days and can vary from 5 to 30 days.
In the case of deliveries by express courier it is recommended and we insist that before the reception to be checked the packaging, the integrity of the products and accessories in order not to present physical failures caused by the transport. It is also recommended to check the product in terms of specifications, accessories with which it is delivered – in case of shortages or inconsistencies, it will be done according to the data below mentioned. It is recommended that the verification be made in the presence of the courier agent at the time of receiving the order, in case of notification of a non-compliance, it be recorded in the minutes drawn up between the courier and the client and the notification made within 48 hours of receipt, at the e-mail address: office@vilahomedesign.com . The complaint should contain information about the order, the status of the product and preferably some pictures of the product / packaging with problems.
In the case of orders with parcel verification, it is mandatory for the customer to check in the presence of the courier agent the integrity of the packaging, product and accessories. Any subsequent complaint regarding the integrity of the products will not be taken into account later if the above mentioned procedural steps have not been followed.

Attention!!! In the case of parcels that have damaged packaging (traces of shock, rupture, cracks, contact with liquids) or the suspicion of a non-compliance, it is recommended and insisted on the verification of the product / products as well as the accessories in the presence of the courier agent as well as the preparation of a finding process in which to record any nonconformities or to refuse the reception of the package or the product / products.

The reception of parcels or products that show traces of nonconformities without observing the indications of Villa Home Design is made by assuming responsibility by the customer!

In the case of orders with pick-up from the Showroom, the customer has the obligation to check the integrity of the packaging as well as of the product and accessories in the presence of the sales agent. If any non-compliance is noticed, refuse to receive the product.

Any subsequent complaint regarding the integrity of the product, accessories or packaging will not be taken into account!

The risk transfer is made according to O.G. 34/2014*

    The copyright on the entire content belongs entirely to Vila Home Design SRL and cannot be used or copied without the written consent of the owner.

Those who access this website have the following rights:
exploring www.vilahomedesign.com content the reproduction, translation or use of the published information, only with the consent of the source;
the person who bases his decisions, actions or inaction on the information contained in this website assumes full liability for any losses suffered;
The photos presented are for information purposes and may contain accessories that are not included in the standard product package;
The technical specifications are informative, can be changed without the need for prior notice and do not constitute a contractual obligation.
A possible copyright infringement noticed on the site can be reported to the following e-mail address: office@vilahomedesign.com

    For more information on our policy for the protection and processing of personal data, please access the Privacy Policy page.
    All products sold by the online store www.vilahomedesign.com, benefit from warranty conditions according to the legislation in force and the commercial conditions of manufacturers and distributors – all products are new.
    The return of products is subject to applicable law as well as to one’s own return policy in some cases.
    All the details about the return can be found on the dedicated page: https://vilahomedesign.com/refund-returns-policy Attention! The transport costs in the case of return products within the legal term (14 days) will be borne by the consumer.
    The sender is responsible for the correctness of the data written on the transport document (AWB) as well as for the correct packaging and labeling of the packages.
    The parcels sent by the sender must be packaged in a way that protects the product from the factors that can lead to its deterioration throughout the transport (it is recommended to use safety elements, e.g. polystyrene, cardboard, air bubble wrap, etc.). It is also recommended to pack the package so that it corresponds to the weight, shape and nature of the content, as well as the mode and duration of transport.
    The packaging must protect the contents so that it cannot be damaged by pressure or successive manipulations, being able, as the case may be, from cardboard boxes, plywood, wood, plastic filled with polystyrene.
    Neither party shall be liable for non-performance of its contractual obligations if such non-performance is due to a force majeure event. Force majeure is the unpredictable event, beyond the control of the parties and which cannot be avoided.

The terms and conditions of sale of the products on the vilahomedesign.com site may be modified by consensus of the management of the company that manages the site. Proposals for changes will be communicated in advance to all management members.